the creative work of Paul Marquardt

      "Throughout my career social dialogue has always remained a vital element in my work. It is the communication of ideas with the process of creation that is important to me. The artworks are “content driven” with visual elements and media chosen by what serves the ideas best.

For example: the work Prime Field uses words to prime students for learning. Transition is a consideration of the influences & decisions that propel change from one state to another. Body of Water reflects the physical makeup of our bodies in relation to our environment. Faithfold depicts a state of being enfolded in a particular ideology while rejecting other ideas.

At the same time, these artworks carry deeper meanings through visual metaphor, surprising juxtapositions, and humor to comment on social issues. My attempt is to reach the pre-conscious mind where our ideas form, surfacing preconceptions for review and, perhaps, for change."

Paul Marquardt